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Krakowski, C-.S.,  Borst., G., Houdé, O., Julie, V., Poirel, N. (2018). Children inhibit global information when the forest is dense and local information when the forest is sparse. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 173, 155-167.


Krakowski, C-.S., Poirel, N., Vidal, J., Roëll, M., Borst, G., Houdé, O. (2016). The forest, the trees and the leaves: differences of processing accross development. Developmental Psychology, 52(8), 1262-1272


Krakowski, C.-S., Borst, G., Pineau, A., Houdé, O., & Poirel, N. (2015). You can detect the trees as well as the forest when adding the leaves: Evidence from visual search tasks containing three-level hierarchical stimuli. Acta Psychologica, 157, 131‑143.


Poirel, N., Krakowski, C.-S., Sayah, S., Pineau, A., Houdé, O., & Borst, G. (2014). Do you want to see the tree? Ignore the forest: Inhibitory control during local processing: A negative priming study of local-global processing. Experimental Psychology, 61(3), 205‑214.

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